Baby Update

Well, I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and all was wonderful! My BP was 120/78, I’ve gained a total of 28 lbs, June Bug’s heart rate was in the 140’s and was head down and “quite low”. Wuhoo! We’ve also officially got all the supplies for the homebirth now, too! A good friend lent us some supplies from their homebirth (a hot water bottle, goose-neck lamp, set of old sheets, and a tonne of old towels/facecloths) and I purchased a birth pool (read: kiddie pool) yesterday and a shower curtain today, so that makes everything! (In case you’re interested, we’ve also got some warm hats, onesies, receiving blankets, a container for the placenta, ummm … what else … I think that’s about it). My primary midwife will be doing a home visit next Tuesday and will be dropping off their homebirth kit that’s got all the medical goodies in it. (By the way, June Bug currently has the hiccups. It’s too cute!)

My dad is being awesome right now and putting the dry wall up in our closet! He did the frame and drywall on the wall to June Bug’s room yesterday and is just waiting for the dry wall mud to dry so he can sand it. He’s a machine! Thanks, Daddy!


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