How cool is this?

A local reporter contacted Crystle and asked if she could come and interview us. We set up a potluck last month and she came and we had a blast eating together and chatting about what we’re doing as a community of believers and why.

Turns out she has submitted a synopsis of the story to our local newspaper and they are VERY interested in covering the story! So, in all likelihood, we’re going to be in the paper! So. Cool. =)

Oh!!! And I thought I should update on this, as well. Our community numbers have been expanding! Jan, a 25-year missionary veteran who has been back in Canada only two years, co-worker of Crystle, Crystle’s ride to work, and member of our church, has been joining us for morning prayer (we meet together Wednesday mornings to pray) and coming to our potlucks for some time now. She has been looking and praying for a house, and whaddya know? That’s right, people. She recently (last week!) bought the house on the OTHER side of Graham and Emma? Two houses beside one another for intentional community? You could argue coincidence. Three houses in a row? There’s no mistaking that for anything but God moving. It’s amazing. And encouraging. And exhilarating! She’ll hopefully be moving in sometime in late July or August. Welcome to the neighbourhood, Jan!


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