37 Weeks! Full Term!

Holy crap, people! Do you know what that means? It means that June Bug could come at any time and we’d be having him/her arrive at home! Wow. Wow. Wow.

It’s pretty exciting, really, to think that we’re THIIIIIIIS close to meeting the little person who’s been growing inside me since September. I can’t believe he/she is almost here! According to the books, June Bug weighs between 6 1/3 and 6 1/2 lbs and is fully mature and ready to come at any time. Lung development is finished and from here on in, June Bug’s just packing the fat on in order to better regulate his/her temperature outside the womb.

I’m feeling quite good! My back doesn’t hurt, my hips hurt only very occasionally (at night and sometimes during long walks), I’m not having a hard time breathing, although I *definitely* get short of breath faster! I really feel fantastic – praise the Lord! It’s getting fun to play ‘guess the appendage’ game when June Bug has his/her moving fits … and I love feeling the little bum sticking out and making my belly all lopsided =) Any braxton hicks contractions that I have are a little stronger and last a little longer than they used to – some of them could be, I think, deemed as “uncomfortable”. They’re not painful, and I definitely don’t have to focus on them, but they’re uncomfortable.

My dad’s coming up tomorrow to install our closet organizer (wuhoo!) so Brad and I – mostly Brad though – have been working all day to get ready for that. Hopefully I can show some good reno photos tomorrow or Monday! If my dad is able to get the wall sanded tomorrow, that means that we can move all the baby stuff in to June Bug’s room and get it all set up. I definitely can’t go into labour before that because then my pool won’t be set up!! LOL



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5 responses to “37 Weeks! Full Term!

  1. waiting to be a grandma

    Wow it is fun to catch-up this way, I love the pool! too cute! Love-ya all!

    Mom Schell….

  2. kimschell

    Glad you’re enjoying keep up-to-date like this =) I think it’s pretty fun, too!

  3. the big sis

    thats a great description of BH contractions! i’m so happy you are “this close” to having your bug. kim you know i’m there for you, you need me lovely, just call me & i’ll drive down in a heart beat; i would do anything for you little sis!! kisses & lots more kisses

  4. Mom

    Congrats on meting this milestone. Where ‘does’ the time go!
    I’m glad you are enjoying little June Bug already. Soon, he/she will make the big introduction and your house will never be as quiet as it seems right now. (I know; it’s been anything but quiet with your Daddy around making all tht noise!) Hopefully June Bug’s room and your bedroom closet will all get back to normal today, and maybe *fingers crossed* your bathroom shower will be functioning again soon too! 🙂
    Kisses & Huggs!

  5. kimschell

    =) Thanks for the well wishes, Jenny and Mom!!! Dad’s done sanding now (wuhoo!!!), so June Bug’s room will get put together tonight!!!! Yay!!

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