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Introducing … the arrival of June Bug …

Gwendolyn Eleanor Schellingerhoudt!!

She was born at 1:38 pm this afternoon in the comfort of our bedroom after 10 hours of active labour and around 45 minutes of pushing!! She weighed in at 5 lbs, 15 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Both Gwen and I are doing exceedingly well!

The birth story will follow in a few days. I’m a tired mama!



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Ah, Wednesday!

Well, both the student midwife and my primary midwife’s guessed dates for June Bug’s birthday (the 6th and 10th) have passed! My secondary midwife has guessed the 16th, so we’ll see about that! I know it was a long shot that I would go early, but they did so have me hoping!! The next full moon is at the VERY end of the month, so I’m thinking babes won’t wait that long – at least I hope not!! Maybe Friday, since it’s a Friday the 13th? That’s my next goal!

I had my 39 week check-up on Monday – heart rate in the 140’s, BP 124/76, no glucose/protein in the urine, fundal height of 38. June Bug has DROPPED!!! You can’t tell so much by looking at me, but I can tell, and Brad can tell, and my poor, getting-more-stretch-marked-every-day belly can tell =( I was soooooo hoping to make it through without them, but it looks like I’m SOL. Oh well – at least there’s a reward at the end!!! =)

So I actually did think that yesterday was the beginning of the end! I was having VERY uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks contractions ALL DAY – they started about 10 minutes apart and moved to 6 – 7 minutes apart the WHOLE DAY. But, I went to bed, didn’t feel any all night, and although I’ve had a few today, it’s nothing like the frequency yesterday. Oh well! I suppose June Bug’s not ready to face the world yet – although today would be a lovely day to labour – nice and cool outside =)

Well, I’m off to do some research about good snacks for labour – and off to make them!

p.s. For those of you unable to get to the link I sent for the game … type “expectnet” into Google and then search for JuneBugGuess for the game name =)


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Time flies when you’re having fun …

… or rather, when you’re growing a baby! Today is officially 6 days before my due date. 6 days!! Time used to go so slow in the first trimester. Third trimester? Time FLIES. Although talk to me after Saturday … apparently time slows to a halt after the due date, when you’re waiting =)

June Bug is around 21 – 22 inches long and just over 7 lbs – or so they say. He/she is doing wonderfully in my belly and making it dance around a lot of the day. So fun to watch … sometimes a bit painful to feel! But it’s always reassuring to feel that movement … and wonderful to know that within three weeks, I’ll be holding my baby in my arms! Continue reading


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Well, the most stressful Wednesday of my life is over.

I was able to write the CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Exam) yesterday and I’m as certain as one can be about these things that I passed! Apparently, 95% of people pass their first time, so I wasn’t too concerned, but still. I’m glad that it’s done and over with and now we can focus of getting June Bug out! =)

The thing that made yesterday really stressful was that we found out late last week that Brad’s mom’s surgery for a benign tumour in her brain was scheduled for yesterday. So I was quite concerned about her. Thankfully, I was able to focus during the exam, and everything went well during her surgery! They were able to get the whole tumour and she pulled out of the anaesthesia well. She was up to the ward around 5:00 PM yesterday very groggy and sleepy, but doing  well. She’ll be recovering in hospital for around 5 days.

Thank you to all who were praying for us – both for my exam and for Brad’s mom. Your prayers were very much appreciated and were obviously very effective =) God is so good!

(Alright, June Bug. You’ve got permission to come any time now!)

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