Time flies when you’re having fun …

… or rather, when you’re growing a baby! Today is officially 6 days before my due date. 6 days!! Time used to go so slow in the first trimester. Third trimester? Time FLIES. Although talk to me after Saturday … apparently time slows to a halt after the due date, when you’re waiting =)

June Bug is around 21 – 22 inches long and just over 7 lbs – or so they say. He/she is doing wonderfully in my belly and making it dance around a lot of the day. So fun to watch … sometimes a bit painful to feel! But it’s always reassuring to feel that movement … and wonderful to know that within three weeks, I’ll be holding my baby in my arms!

Alright – I set up a site HERE for you to go and guess the stats of June Bug – go play!!! The game name is ‘JuneBugGuess’ =)


It’s. So. Big.

And, for fun, a pic of my new haircut:



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5 responses to “Time flies when you’re having fun …

  1. Kathryn

    It’s. So. Lovely.

  2. kimschell

    Aww, Kathryn – You’re. Too. Sweet. =)

  3. jenny

    you have short hair!!! ive never seen your hair that short. ever. it looks great 🙂
    love the belly photos too – how are you sleeping these days? good i hope

  4. jenny

    i’m not able to access your site for expectnet (we had problems with that site too, links not working, back when we were expecting)… send me the link so i can play!!

  5. kimschell

    you can just type ‘expectnet’ into google and enter JuneBugGuess into the search thing and it’ll bring it up =)

    Thanks – my hair is so wonderful … so nice and cool!

    I’m sleeping okay – a few days last week were KILLER because of hip pain, but the past few have been better … H.O.T., but better!

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