4 Week Appointment!

Well, we took Gwen in today for her four week appointment and she weighs …

Me and Gwen

Me and Gwen

… wait for it …

Gwen sleep grinning =)

Gwen sleep grinning =)

… 8 lbs 13 oz!!!!

She! Is! Huge! At least to us she is …

And we’re trying out a new style of breastfeeding. Although she’s CLEARLY getting enough food, I was concerned about my foremilk/hindmilk … it seems I have a slight imbalance due to oversupply and overactive letdown. I was doing one breast per feed, but that wasn’t making a difference, so on the advice of a good friend (thanks, Elisha!) I’m trying block feeding. That’s where you feed from one breast for a certain amount of time, so I’m trying 4 hours and seeing how it goes -she’s seeming MUCH more satisfied today =) Yay for hindmilk!



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6 responses to “4 Week Appointment!

  1. brandy

    She’s beautiful!!!

    And WOW to the weight gain!! She’s almost huge!!

    We are trying block feeding here too, so far she’s loving it. Waiting to see how it effects her diapers.

  2. kimschell

    Thanks Brandy =) She’s soooo big to us, but she’s still very small to most people! Gwen’s loving the block feeding, too … also waiting to see the diaper changes!

  3. Emily

    David is 1 day younger and weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces. She looks tiny to me. She is precious!!

  4. brandy

    we have a change in diapers this morning.

    more towards mustard but still green, I’m hoping it’s a good sign.

    Did your midwife tell you how long it would take to get everything balanced?

    Emily – my peanut is only 2 wks today but seems sooo tiny to me still. I can’t imagine having a 10 pounder!!

  5. Kathryn

    Kim, I had an overactive letdown too with Nadia and she had the green poops. What I did with her was stimulate/express some of the milk beforehand into the sink, just until the big whoosh of milk kinda settled down. Man, poor girl, she’d be happily nursing and then I’ll let down, eck! She’d be drowning in my milk. BTW, that didn’t last forever. It’s like I had to settle down some, or she had to learn to compensate, or a little of both, but that seemed to help.

  6. kimschell

    No, they didn’t say how long it would take … but they did say not to be too concerned with an occasional green poo =)

    Emily – I know!! She is definitely tiny next to David – but she’s catching up quick!!

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