Quote of the Week: Babywearing

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m busier now than I used to be or if it’s because Gwen is sucking my brain cells out in my milk, but I’m having a hard time forming real posts. I think I’m going to start a ‘Quote of the Week’ thing for myself – at least force me to blog about something once a week! Here’s this week’s quote:

“It seems that in Western industrial societies like ours, we have somehow managed to remove most of the closeness between mother and baby that comes naturally in simpler places. We’ve invented plastic infant seat so that wen babies are moved about, they don’t have to be carried in the parent’s arms. What a contrast between this and the frequent movements and warm contact when babies are held by slings against their mother’s warm bodies. If it’s true, as the accumulated evidence seems to suggest, that movement and bodily closeness are good for babies, especially in the early weeks, we’re been ingenious and consistent in depriving them of these sensations”

– Dr. Benjamin Spock, MD

This quote is on the front of the brochure I received when I got my Heart 2 Heart Baby Sling and it made me stop for a second and think. In most cultures, babies are carried or worn most of the time and put down infrequently during the day – count me in with that culture! I love having Gwen with me – I feel wrong when she’s asleep in another room or out of my sight line. I feel right when she’s nestled on my chest or in my arms. When I’m wearing or holding her, she can signal her need to nurse before she starts crying and I can meet that need quickly. She  wakes up from napping and gazes into my eyes – content that I’m right there. I love wearing my baby – and as a bonus, psychology research thinks I’m doing the right thing, too.


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