Gwen is 8 weeks old!

Is anyone else as shocked by this as I am?

Gwen and Gran

Gwen and Gran

First tummy nap

First tummy nap

Oh my goodness she's too cute for words.

Oh my goodness she's too cute for words.

My favourite when she naps is when she sucks in her sleep. On nothing. It’s ridiculously cute!

First time sleeping in a crib

First time sleeping in a crib

This was at Gran and Grandad’s when I was there for 5 days a few weeks ago. She used to be such a good napper. Now? Not so much.

Playing with daddy on the floor

Playing with daddy on the floor

A bit blurry, but Gwen smiling!

A bit blurry, but Gwen smiling!

My baby goes for her 2 month appointment on Monday and is supposed to have her first vaccines. I’m currently reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert Sears and trying to decide which vaccines Gwen will have and when. Really though, the thought of her having ANY vaccines makes me want to cry! Since she’s exclusively breastfed and not in daycare (and at this point, not in the church nursery!) there are some we plan to delay and some we plan to skip altogether. Oh, and for information’s sake, we decided not to do the eye ointment (erythromycin) at birth.

How about you? How did you decide to vaccinate/not vaccinate your baby(ies)?



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5 responses to “Gwen is 8 weeks old!

  1. I was so young I really was ignorant about vaccinations and what not. I hope to be more educated this time around!

  2. Kathryn

    Oh seeing your baby makes me want mine!! She is so precious!! I just want to squeeze her!! Um, gently, of course. I can’t believe she’s 8 weeks old already. Thank you for reminding me how fast it all really does go!

    By the way, Nadia turned three yesterday… 3!

  3. Mom

    My dearest Kim!
    I’m so sorry to have forgotten to mention how thrilled I am to see myself as part of your blog. I love it! And I love that you have June Bug’s first tummy nap in there, and her first nap in our crib too. *Big Smiles* Would you be a sweetie and tag them on Facebook so all my friends can see what a darling we have in your wee Gwen? No worries if you’re too busy; by summer’s end is fine.
    I love you, and I love reading about you!

  4. she is so cute, the smiling photo especially. i love her. we chose to vaccinate. for us, it seemed irresponsible not to. we didn’t want to rely on the hope that all the other kids were vaccinated (to keep our kid safe). exposure can happen anywhere. playgrounds, the mall, doctor’s offices. its not for everyone, vaccinating, but it was for us & liam seems fine 😉

  5. Kim

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

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