New resolve.

I’ve been really bad lately at reading my Bible. At talking to God.

Really bad.

I can’t seem to remember to do it, although when I do I feel ten times better and have a hundred times more patience for everything in my life.

So I have resolved to keep up with this reading schedule. I don’t even have to remember where I am or remember to go sit down with my Bible. I just have to click on the link, change the translation to NIV, and read. Because right now, I just need to read and not feel guilty about forgetting.



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3 responses to “New resolve.

  1. Jen

    I like that idea. We should chat about this sometime. I have similar things that I often struggle with.

  2. kimschell

    Definitely! It’s incredible … I find lots of time to post on my forums and check Facebook and my emails, but read my Bible? Talk to God? I can’t seem to ‘find’ time to do the most important things … and it makes me feel just awful!!

    If you want to join in on the every day reading, we can help keep each other accountable if you’d like?

    Are you going to come to coffee break in September?

  3. Jen

    Was thinking about doing coffee break. Let’s give the every day reading a go! We can chat more on Tuesday…

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