Brad is currently working on a photo sharing piece for our website so we can put up a tonne of pictures of Gwen and it can be easily accessed. It’ll be password protected, so as long as you’re a friend, you can have the password and see our pictures! This here blog will be eventually migrating over there too – it’ll still be a WordPress blog, but it’ll be a .org one instead of a .com – hosted on our website. I’m excited that it’s actually getting on it’s way. Brad’s also programming me a recipe/grocery program too, so I can have all my recipes online and click them and it’ll print out the groceries needed for the specific recipes. Cool, huh?



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2 responses to “Website!!

  1. How exciting! I will have to ask for the password when you migrate – I love me some recipes!

    Cxx (linaire on the forums)

  2. can’t wait to see the new website 🙂 we’ll be re-launching soon as well; its an exciting time to be a blogger for sure

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