Oh blog post, where art thou? Plus nursery pics.

I just wrote a huge blog post. And hit ‘publish’. And lost it. Woe is me.

It was a tonne of pictures, too … with captions and explanations, and I am soooooo not ready to do it all again! So I’ll just do a portion.

This past weekend Brad and I did an insane amount of cleaning/organizing and found Gwen’s room amidst a mess. Soooo, this is what it looks like for now:

Gwen's room - changing station

Gwen's room - changing station

We’re going to be putting a metal shelf in the left hand corner of that room – it’ll be abutting where that wall juts out. It has metal bars that we can then hang diaper covers on instead of putting them on our fold-out clothes dryer – which is bulky and unsightly to always have out in the room!

Gwen's change table

Gwen's change table

This is what her change table currently looks like. I’ve thought about making a diaper storage hanger thing to hang on the wall, but haven’t decided yet!

Gwen's room

Gwen's room - sleeping area

You can see the drying rack in the bottom left hand corner of this pic – ugly, no? The crib will eventually be going where the Rubbermaid bins are stacked on that left side. Not that there’s any hurry to get that set up!

Gwen's room - sitting area

Gwen's room - sitting area

Brad’s parents gave us not one, but TWO rocking chairs – the one on the left side of the picture and one that’s in the living room beside the Pack’N’Play. We’re so lucky! I was sitting in this one reading to Gwen today =)


Gwen's room - bookcase

As you can see, the room’s not quite finished, but it’s a lot better than it was!! I’d like to paint either green or yellow, and we’ve got a Safari-themed play mat to go in the centre of the room – a theme that I’m hoping to carry throughout the room. My dad also graciously offered to come up in September and help me paint all the trim in the house white instead of fushia, dark green, purple, etc. I love that man!



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5 responses to “Oh blog post, where art thou? Plus nursery pics.

  1. Jen

    Looks great! And bless that man for helping you paint!

  2. Kathryn

    Your changing table looks like the one we had for Nadia. An old dresser with a pad on top. It worked for years. This one will have an actual changing table, someone is giving it to us. Otherwise it would be the old dresser again.

  3. I *love* your changing table! And that gorgeous rocker.


  4. it looks really great but i’m so confused looking at the photos. this isn’t the room where the day bed was right? (the room mom slept in when she stayed with you).. what room is this??

  5. kimschell

    The old library. The room with the daybed is now the guest room.

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