Roll baby, roll!

It’s official – my baby is a genius! She rolled over today front to back. We were just playing – I rather enjoy letting her have some back/tummy time without a diaper because she loves it so much – and she leaned her head to one side and flopped over!

“Gwen – did you just roll over??!” I was stunned. She stared at me.

So, I did what any sensible mother would do – I put her back on her stomach. Whereupon she immediately flipped over again. So I put her back on her stomach – surely this was a fluke.

And she did it again.

And then I got photographic proof:

Step One

Step One

Step Two

Step Two

Step Three

Step Three

Step Four

Step Four

Doesn’t she look stunned?

She was awake today from 10:00 until 2:00 – and she rolled over around 1:30. She’s now quite passed out and I’m hoping she has a really good nap!! All these developmental milestones sure are hard work!



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5 responses to “Roll baby, roll!

  1. awww chubbeeee bubbeeee 🙂 can’t wait to see you guys in only one week!!

  2. kimschell

    Wuhoo!! I can’t wait either … although I’m not really looking forward to the drive …

  3. Jen

    Yay Gwen! Our babies rolled on the same day! Except Anderson was back to front…front to back is still too much hard work 🙂

  4. kimschell

    Isn’t back to front harder?? I just left a similar message on your blog – LOL

  5. Jen

    Ya I think it is…my baby is backwards 🙂

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