So in my new Bible reading plan (which I’m going to post about every so often, helps keep me accountable!!), I just finished Jeremiah. It’s a book that’s made me go “Hmmm …”.

In it, God speaks to the prophet Jeremiah and tells him to tell the people of Judah that if they submit to Babylon, all will be well, and if they don’t, He’ll destroy them as a people.

Scary – I sure hope I’d listen to something like that!

Judah, however, doesn’t listen. False prophets prophesy the opposite – and because it was a much more popular view (we’re all good – defend Judah – defy Babylon), Judah listens to them instead.

So God scatters the people and destroys many of them through the King of Babylon – Nebucadnezer.

Israel, as a nation of people in the Old Testament, doesn’t listen very well. I like to think I’m smarter than that.

But I know that I’m not. Jesus gave only two commands – love God, love your neighbour – and I can’t even get them right. May God give me the grace to continue to see how similar I am to His people of old. And may God grant me the strength and faith to lean on Him to obey to His commands!


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