What a whirlwind.

The past week has been a bit crazy. First, we had Brad’s brother and his girlfriend visiting.

Then, on Friday, I woke up with mastitis. I tried to brush it off. I tried to talk myself out of it. I tried to talk other people out of it! But, I had it, and there was no denying it after I took my temperature (again) and had a fever. It was a HORRIBLE day (ie. I cried for like, 5 hours straight). And to top it all off, we were supposed to drive to Ottawa that night for my nephew’s first birthday party on Saturday.

We almost didn’t go, but I was feeling much better after Gwen (finally!) ate. She went 6 hours during the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without eating. I was sick, engorged, and worried about my baby! Sunday afternoon/night she literally screamed for hours. I was at my wits end – I didn’t think that I would survive the evening. Thanks to my parents for bringing us dinner, and to Brad for keeping me sane. All in all, I don’t think Gwen appreciates having her routine disrupted!

On Monday, though, she slipped right back into eating every 1.5 – 2.5 hours, and yesterday was a bit more stretched out than that. I’m just glad she’s eating (and, if I can say so, kinda excited that I can feed her now without leaking on the other side and without a towel in between us! Maybe that was the point?).

I can’t believe Gwen is almost 3 months old. Insanity. She’s so cute it’s painful.

Oh, I can’t take the hair. I love this child!



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4 responses to “What a whirlwind.

  1. Jen

    Oh you poor girl. **Hugs** Gwen is the definition of cute. It’s all worth it, right? I hope you are feeling better now! Did you have to get antibiotics?

  2. kimschell

    Yeah, I’m on antibiotics, and faithfully taking my probiotics so we don’t get thrush!!! It’s all definitely worth it!

  3. thank you a million times over for coming to liam’s party it was so great to have you there & see gwen. how was she for the drive home sunday? i really hope she didn’t scream the entire way, that would’ve been really, really hard

    and that photo is adorable!!

  4. kimschell

    LOL – thanks!

    She didn’t scream the *whole* time – only for an hour and a half or so. I had to sit in the back with her after a certain point and just hold the pacifier in her mouth to prevent her from screaming. It was mostly after we got home that the complete meltdown ensued.

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