Does anyone else’s baby gag themselves on their fingers? A soother? I think she might be bulemic!



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8 responses to “Why?

  1. Jen

    All the time.
    Their gag reflex lessens with time, I think.
    Usually by the time they are ready for solids.
    Anderson does this all the time 🙂

  2. Sarah

    LOL….yeah, totally normal (and annoying)….and as your friend above said, usually diminishes by the time they are ready for eating. Using things made for smaller babies helps a little sometimes….not with all babies though….some are just extra sensitive.

  3. kimschell

    LOL – she’s only got ‘newborn’ soothers, and yet – GAG! At least she’s kinda getting the hang of sucking her thumb without gagging herself … lol

  4. Sarah

    lol…Justice still gags easily with the pacifier too…usually it takes me taking it out and putting it back in about four or five times before he has his tongue in the right place to not gag. Same thing with nursing sometimes…takes a few tries to get past that gag reflex.

  5. anj

    i remember jonathan doing that. he thought it was funny. i can’t remember how old he was…

  6. kimschell

    well good to know she’s in good company!!!

  7. Emily

    David likes to suck on his middle and ring fingers and a lot of times he gags himself and spits up. Then he laughs about it.

  8. kimschell

    At least they can laugh …

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