Am I the only one shocked by this?

My baby girl is three months old.

From this:

Gwen, 5 days old

Gwen, 5 days old

To this:

Gwen, 3 months old

Gwen, 3 months old

I stole this idea from a good friend – let’s see how Gwen’s developing (taken from The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears)!

Third Month

Master Skill: hand play – check! All she does is play with her hands

Gross Motor Skills

  • Stretches limbs out, freestyle movements – most definitely … she loves kicking on the playmat!
  • Briefly weight bears on legs – Gwen LOVES doing this, and is starting to do it longer and longer!
  • Holds head steady – oh yeah … I’m thinking about breaking out the Jolly Jumper
  • Rolls from back to side – especially at night when she’s hungry =)

Hand Skills and Self-HelpGwen does all of these things … it’s especially fun to see her grab and hold onto stuff … we say she’s got a case of the grabs!

  • Hands open and inviting
  • Makes swiping reaches/karate chops
  • Holds and shakes rattle for longer
  • Grabs clothing
  • Sucks fingers and fist
  • Plays with hands midline

Language and Social SkillsI remember when all I wanted was for Gwen to make noises other than grunting and crying. She’s definitely come a long way!

  • Draws out vowels
  • Begins to laugh – not yet … I’m excited for it, though!
  • Makes louder sounds; screeches – she always looks surprised when she does this!
  • Cries differently for different needs – she definitely has some different cries, but I’m still figuring them out

Cognitive Skills

  • Learns cause/effect
  • Learns she can cause people to react by her “language”

Gwen does the following listed in different months:

  • Displays accurate tracking (fourth month)
  • Lifts head 90 degrees (on tummy, yes), rests on elbows (fourth month)
  • Rolls from tummy to back (fifth month … although she doesn’t do it consistently!)
  • Explores clothing (fourth month)
  • Grabs at feet/toes (sixth month)

I love looking forward at the things she’ll soon be doing! Babies are fun!

And for your viewing pleasure:

Gwen chomping while Daddy chomps down

Gwen chomping while Daddy chomps down

Just last week she was too slumpy for this ...

Just last week she was too slumpy for this ...

She's gonna be trouble someday!

She's gonna be trouble someday!

Gwen and Mommy

Gwen and Mommy


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3 responses to “Am I the only one shocked by this?

  1. Jen

    Too cute for words. I could just eat her up. But I won’t…

    It’s amazing how fast they grow up! In just 6 short weeks my baby starts solids!

    What kind of car seat is that? What is the weight rating? I have a feeling we will need one. This one is rated to 30 lb but I think he will still need rear facing when he surpasses that weight milestone 🙂

  2. Brad

    My Daughter is adorable and my wife is gorgeous!!!

    sorry…had to say that!

    Kim, I haven’t seen a couple of these pics yet.

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! the bebe pod photos made me grin my head off & that first photo with the both of you is amazing, she looks huge!

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