Things are a-changin’!

Yesterday was bitter-sweet. Gwen wore her first 3 – 6 month sleeper! I’m ashamed to say that I probably should have got them out a bit sooner, but I thought the 0 – 3 were fitting fine … until I saw her in the 3 – 6 one. Oops! You mean they’re supposed to be able to straighten their legs?

The second big change is that we found a new home for our kitties. Grissom and Lily were just not getting the time, attention and affection they needed, so we found a loving home for them. I’ve gotta say, it’s nice to not have to check the stairs before I walk down them for either cat or hairball, and it’s super nice to not have to brush the couch before sitting on it. I do miss them a bit, though.

Gwen and I went to Babytime at our local library branch this afternoon. Mostly she was terrified! =)



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4 responses to “Things are a-changin’!

  1. Jen

    I love how new sizes all of a sudden start fitting! Then you realize the old ones really were too small! We just went through that with sleepers…up to 9 months now…

    Anderson loved baby time today! He was so into it, it was truly a lot of fun to watch him. Maybe Gwen will get used to it!

  2. kimschell

    Some of the bigger onesies are already stretched tight across her chest, so I’m not sure how they’re supposed to fit for a couple more months … she just started wearing them!! I can’t believe he’s in 9 month ones … well, yes I can!

    I think if we give her a few weeks she’ll do better with BabyTime =)

  3. exbil

    Now that Gwen’s weight is talking off you’ll definately find you need to buy the size up from whatever age category she’s in.

    I found for us, the sizes were always too small. It’s like they do that for people who buy gifts (ie, so people buy you a 3-6 month outfit for your 3 month old, but already too small and then you need to go and get the 6-9 month size).

    Im finding the same with toys, buy for the age category just above their age. Just watch out for the obviously too small parts, but for the majority of toys, I find ours tends to get bored easily with the ones in his age category and loves the ones for ‘older’ kids.

    That’s good you found a home for your kitties! I was so sad to let go of ours, but knew it had to be done for the baby, our sanity, cleanliness etc. why do cats get so weird around pregnant ladies / babies??

    Hope everything’s settling down for you guys, Gwen’s looking beautiful, you guys are blessed 🙂

  4. kimschell

    Thanks! 🙂

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