For the love of breastfeeding …

My Google Reader is largely populated by blogs about pregnancy and childbirth – many of the writers being midwives and doulas. Because of this, I have been made aware that the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute (NCBI) has lost it’s government funding and will be closing (along with it’s information-filled website, if it does not receive funding from public partners. Please check out this news article for more information.

I’m planning to donate through the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation (I didn’t even know we had one of those! And I want to be an IBCLC … *shakes head*) and I’m hoping that all of my readers will consider making a donation as well. According to the article above, Dr. Jack’s clinic helps more than 2500 mothers a year learn to breastfeed and overcome breastfeeding difficulties. Let’s work as a team to keep this incredible resource open for all mothers and babies!!


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2 responses to “For the love of breastfeeding …

  1. Jen

    Um, why would they cut funding to one of the best things going in the province? Do they have their heads stuck in the sand, or what?

  2. kimschell

    Apparently they *can* be funded, but only through public health … and like public health has money to spare!!! Ugh!

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