The New Plan

So, I stuck with that other Bible reading plan for a couple weeks … it petered out. I have a super hard time sticking with a plan in which I’m only reading from the Old Testament every day! While I definitely think it’s important to read the history of my faith … let’s get honest, it’s not so captivating. Some of the books are … less than exciting. I also find it really hard to make connections between the OT and my life. So, I found the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Here’s two of my favourite advantages of this plan, as taken from the outline:

THE WHOLE BIBLE WILL BE READ THROUGH IN AN ORDERLY MANNER IN THE COURSE OF A YEAR. – The Old Testament once, the New Testament and Psalms twice. I fear many of you never read the whole Bible, and yet it is all equally divine. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect.” If we pass over some parts of Scripture we will be incomplete Christians.

TIME WILL NOT BE WASTED IN CHOOSING WHAT PORTIONS TO READ. – Often believers are at a loss to determine towards which part of the mountains of spices they should bend their steps. Here the question will be solved at once in a very simple manner.

I love having a New Testament reading and a reading from Psalms every day. It’s a lot of reading. It’s 4 – 5 chapters a day: two from the OT (from different books), one or two from Psalms, and one from the NT. Surprisingly, I’m finding it easier to complete this plan than the old one I was doing which was two consecutive OT chapters. I’m happy that I’ve found a plan that works for me and will actually get me through the Bible … because I’m definitely feeling incomplete!


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  1. Mom

    Oh Kim, I’m so happy you have found something that works for you. And thank you for sharing it on your blog so others may follow your lead.
    I love reading about your little June Bug, and hope you post an up-to-date picture of her soon. 🙂

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