MmmMmm … delicious toes …

Gwen is officially flexible.

This morning she literally pulled herself over from a semi-recline to eat her own toes.

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

We have yet to discover what exactly is so delicious about them that one must try so hard to eat them!



See her gripping the edge of the chair? What a determined child.

She also tries to shove them in her mouth the second her diaper comes off. I love my baby!



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3 responses to “MmmMmm … delicious toes …

  1. Jen

    Anderson has started this too. He loves his feet. Mmmmm…feet.

    Have I mentioned how adorable Gwen is?

  2. ohmygosh hi cutie patootie!! Gwen is the prettiest girl in the whole world

  3. kimschell

    LOL – thanks Jen(n)s! We obviously think she’s the cutest girl EVER … but yeah … a bit biased! It’s good to know we’re not the only ones =)

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