Photo Shoot

I thought it would be fun to let Gwen hang around sans diaper (that’s without a diaper for you Americans!) and take some cute photos of her. She LOVES playing with her diaper off (more movement?) and, of course, is adorable. I managed to get some good ones!

Look at those eyes. Look at that baby bum! I love this photo! I might have to figure out how to edit out all the junk in the back of it … any volunteers?

Still rockin’ the coloringo. The kid LOVES this toy!

Could I get a good picture of her eating her toes? Of course not … she was too distracted by the camera! I can’t wait to see what colour her eyes end up.



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7 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. Jen

    Oh I love baby bums. I could just bite it. But I won’t…

  2. i call blue eyes. kim she is the spit of you & dad
    look at those eyebrows! the heart shaped face. i could just eat her up she’s SO adorable

  3. Nicole (AUS)

    Aww Kim those are cute pics!! Babies bums are so darn cute. I love to squish them and pat them. Beats my flabby bum any day LOL

  4. kimschell

    Heeehee – I love to pinch it. Not hard, but pinches =)

    Jenny – I’m thinking blue as well … but dark blue.

  5. Kim do you have my email? Email me that first picture of Gwen and I will see what I can do with it. 🙂

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