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Look at her go!!!!

Today, this is what Gwen did: Continue reading



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Product Review: gDiapers

My local health food store (Goodness Me) was selling gDiapers for 25% off. I decided to pick some up since Brad and I are going to be going to the Dominican Republic for my sister Becky’s wedding in April and we obviously won’t be able to bring along the cloth diapers!

I love them.

gDiapers is a true disposable diaper. They consist of an outer cotton pant, a snap-in nylon liner, and a flushable insert. The insert is chlorine- and plastic-free (yay!) and is flushable, compostable (wet ones, anyways), and tossable. Check out their video to watch an insert fully biodegrade (50 – 150 days instead of oh, 500 years for a regulaer landfill disposable diaper).

The little ‘g’ pants come in a variety of awesome colours (sized small, medium, and large) and are ridiculously cute on little bums. We’ve also found that our indian cotton prefolds fold up well and fit in the liners just fine – so I can use the cute pants with cloth, too! I love the fit so much that I’ve been reaching for them more and more … and I’m contemplating selling some of my other covers to buy a few more of these (girly colour, anyone?)!


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Babywearing DON’T

DON’T wear your baby in a front-facing position while trying to add milk and sugar to your tea at the local coffee shop. Your baby may reach out and stick her hand in the piping hot water, requiring you to run home, stick her hand in cool water, give her tylenol, stick a baby mitten soaked in cold water on her hand, and bounce her while singing to try and soothe her for over an hour until she finally falls asleep. Your baby may then, after this horrible traumatic experience, sleep for three hours.

DON’T ask me how I know this.


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My baby is four months old!

Time keeps on slippin’ …

Jolly Jumping!

Jolly Jumping!

into the future …

Playing with daddy and 'The Ozlo'

Playing with daddy and 'The Ozlo'

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And Gwen slept.

For 8 hours straight. Yipee!

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