Babywearing DON’T

DON’T wear your baby in a front-facing position while trying to add milk and sugar to your tea at the local coffee shop. Your baby may reach out and stick her hand in the piping hot water, requiring you to run home, stick her hand in cool water, give her tylenol, stick a baby mitten soaked in cold water on her hand, and bounce her while singing to try and soothe her for over an hour until she finally falls asleep. Your baby may then, after this horrible traumatic experience, sleep for three hours.

DON’T ask me how I know this.



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8 responses to “Babywearing DON’T

  1. oh no kim thats horrible but funny but horrible poor gwen & poor you for having to manage that

    ps. liam feel off the bed the other day, then proceeded to bang his face not once, but twice as he was standing up & sitting down in the tub. as i was pulling him out the 2nd time to comfort him, he slipped & smacked his head on the rim. talk about “bad parenting” moments… we all have them…

  2. kimschell

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!!!! Poor Liam!

  3. Sarah

    LOL…..well, lesson learned!!!! I won’t even try to tell you all that I have done to my kids accidentally.

    I do suggest though that you get an aloe vera plant…they are pretty easy to take care of and great on burns. (pic…

  4. Tishia

    Awww, I’ve done worse! I’ve bopped my baby’s head on the door as I open it. 😦

  5. kimschell

    Sarah – I went to our neighbour’s and picked some of their plant!! LOL I kill all plants … yes, even aloe vera … although I don’t think I killed my last aloe vera, I believe my cats ate it – and since they’re gone, it should be good!

  6. Don’t you love how whenever you have an accident other mom’s tell you the horrible things they have done? It makes you feel so much better.

    I closed Mary’s finger in our door. Not lightly either… poor girl she had a black and blue finger for a long time.

  7. kimschell

    It really does make you feel better!!! LOL

  8. Mom

    Oh, Kim, that was hillarious! (It’s so much more fun reading about it than it is helping you through that ordial!) Perhaps it’s good to see the humour in our mistakes once they are all said and healed! *Grinns* Let’s get together soon, k?

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