Product Review: gDiapers

My local health food store (Goodness Me) was selling gDiapers for 25% off. I decided to pick some up since Brad and I are going to be going to the Dominican Republic for my sister Becky’s wedding in April and we obviously won’t be able to bring along the cloth diapers!

I love them.

gDiapers is a true disposable diaper. They consist of an outer cotton pant, a snap-in nylon liner, and a flushable insert. The insert is chlorine- and plastic-free (yay!) and is flushable, compostable (wet ones, anyways), and tossable. Check out their video to watch an insert fully biodegrade (50 – 150 days instead of oh, 500 years for a regulaer landfill disposable diaper).

The little ‘g’ pants come in a variety of awesome colours (sized small, medium, and large) and are ridiculously cute on little bums. We’ve also found that our indian cotton prefolds fold up well and fit in the liners just fine – so I can use the cute pants with cloth, too! I love the fit so much that I’ve been reaching for them more and more … and I’m contemplating selling some of my other covers to buy a few more of these (girly colour, anyone?)!



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6 responses to “Product Review: gDiapers

  1. kim i just finished watching that demo & am completely sold. the video on the diaper liners decomposing completely hooked me. i am going to buy the starter kit on line & then i checked to make sure there were lots of places in ottawa to buy the liners & there are! they are the same price (or cheaper) than disposables & i just feel like they’re going to be so much better for liam. do you think i should just get the starter kit first, then go crazy?

  2. I think the starter kit is a great idea … you might even be able to buy it wherever the inserts are sold.

    I’m glad to hear they’re a similar price to disposables – since we’ve never really bought them (except the super-expensive Second Generation chlorine-free ones!) so I wasn’t sure.

    I’m so excited you’re trying them out!! You will love them!

  3. anj

    i never thought about the covers working with cloth – did you get the covers at the downtown or mountain location? are they still on sale?

    and let me know if you’re selling some of your other covers…

  4. They’re still on sale at the Locke St. location, and I’ll definitely let you know!

  5. anj

    i also like that the velcro is in the back – jonathan is really good at getting undressed when we want him to stay dressed…or at least keep his diaper on! i’m getting excited about trying a gdiaper cover with my cloth diapers!

  6. What a clever idea!


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