Fantastic Post

I knew I couldn’t be the only Christian supporting Obama (said semi-tongue-in-cheek). Check out this post from one of my favourite blogs: The story of a Baptist pastor’s wife who voted for Obama.



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11 responses to “Fantastic Post

  1. We’re Mavericks!

    Oh … sorry … I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  2. kimschell

    LOL, I love you, Christine!!!

  3. Nicole (AUS)

    Kim, what a great post. Thank you so much for sharing that. It really helped an Aussie girl work out some things about you American folk 😉

  4. kimschell

    Well, I’m not American, but I’m glad I could help!

  5. Nicole (AUS)

    LOL oh yeah, sorry!

  6. I still don’t understand how you can truly support Obama when you live in Canada. Does it really matter if you like him or not?

  7. kimschell

    It matters to me because the US has such a huge bearing on Canada’s politics, economics, etc. But ultimately, no. It doesn’t matter whether or not I like him. Does it matter to you whether or not I do?

  8. I just find it odd that you bothered to make two blog posts about it.

  9. kimschell

    Well, I’m definitely odd 😀

  10. brandy

    I Love your posts Kim. Really.

    I’ve gotten a few questions but no replies to my answers that I’ve given people.

    I guess I’ve surprised a few folks lately.

    TOTALLY FORGOT that my Dad reads my Facebook.. with all that I put up there recently.

    It’s been an interesting reaction..

  11. kimschell

    Brandy – isn’t it incredible how politics brings out both the best and worst in people?

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