Hallowe’en … a week late!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a week, but everytime I had a minute to it, Gwen was sleeping on me and the cord I need for the camera was upstairs!

So, after much praying/researching/discussing, Brad and I decided that we won’t be Hallowe’en haters =) I have been feeling a bit confused by Hallowe’en’s pagan underpinnings and relationship and whether or not we should join in the festivities. We decided that we won’t carve pumpkins or dress/decorate scary, but dressing up and candy? We’re down with that! (If anyone wants to know more about our decision-making process, leave a comment and I’ll write up another post about it!)

Gwen as a bat

Gwen as a bat

Gwen got to dress up like a bat!! The first time I put the cape on, she even flapped her arms!


How cute is that face??

Brad dressed up too (and won his work’s costume prize!):

Brad Vader

Brad Vader

A few kids were scared, but mostly they (and their parents!) thought it was great! One little kid even walked away with a “Happy Hallowe’en, Darth Vader!” Brad had a blast handing out candy.

I didn’t dress up – party pooper!

And in case you didn’t get the Brad Vader thing …


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