5 Months Old!!?!


I’ve been trying to find a decent list of developmental skills online. I think, by their definitions, Gwen is beginning her sixth month, and has therefore reached the end of her fifth month of life (how confusing is that?).

By the end of month five a baby typically:

  • Pays attention to small objects
  • Experiments with the concept of cause and effect
  • Can see across the room
  • Begins to use hands in a raking fashion to bring toys near
  • Begins teething process

I’d sat Gwen’s right on track! Here’s a few of the sixth month things she has mastered:

  • Keeps head level when pulled to sitting position
  • Sits by self with minimal support
  • Reaches for and grabs objects
  • Rolls over and back – she can do this … but will she??
  • Copies some facial expressions- we’ve got her to stick out her tongue at us!
  • Makes two-syllable sounds – very rarely, but she’s getting there!

I can’t believe we’ll be starting solids in just one month! It’s going to be quite fun, methinks …


She has started squealing now and it’s so darn cute! She refuses to do it as soon as I try to record it, though. She’s been going to sleep between 8 – 9 for the past week-and-a-bit … but still wakes up after a half hour if I put her down, so I normally hold her while we watch a movie or Brad plays Nintendo!

Gwen’s also started reaching for us! If Brad’s holding her and I walk by, she reaches for me. If she’s done in the exersaucer, those little arms reach up when I come close. It’s so sweet to know we’re wanted =)

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