Another video!

Here’s one of Gwen sitting and playing 🙂



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4 responses to “Another video!

  1. Mom

    Oh Kim, how very sweet. It’s fun to see her at the various stages of development. I particularly enjoyed the one on Facebook this morning where she is cooing and blowing raspberries! *Big Smiles* Did you see Jenny’s blog where she was able to get a shot of Liam walking on his own? I can’t wait to have you all here at Christmas! Whoo Hoo! (Guess I’m going to have to do some child-proofing, eh???)

  2. hi sweetheart 🙂 i just love her to bits & can’t wait to see you all. just think, this time next month & i’ll be packing to come for a nice, long visit

  3. brandy

    she’s so amazing already.

    What toy is THAT?

    Seriously, just photograph all your toys and I can find them here 😉

  4. kimschell

    Mom & Jenny – I can’t wait for Christmas … it’s going to be so fun!!

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