Brandy asked what toy Gwen was playing with in the video, so I thought I’d do a post on Gwen’s favourite things!

The toy in the video is a Kushies Peeko. Of all her toys, this is the one that keeps Gwen’s attention for the longest! It’s a ‘multi-sensory box’ (contrast coloured sides, each of which velcros shut like a book with things inside, ie. a mirror, a crinkly thing, ribbons, etc.) and inside the box is the Ozlo toy, which is a contrasty, multi-coloured “dog”.

I’ve posted about this one before, but the Schaff coloringo is an amazing rattle and teether! It’s not too loud (perfect for mom and dad!) and a great size for her little fist. The colours keep her attention, as do the different shapes for mouth exploration!

Gwen enoys grabbing and shaking her Manhattan Toy Winkel. It’s got a nice gentle rattle sound and is easy to hold and comfy on her sore gums!

I was hoping Gwen would enjoy her Ringley teething toy as much as the coloringo, but it doesn’t get much play time, sadly.

The Beginning Bites by Sassy are a favourite of Gwen’s, and they were great fun to watch her learn how to hold! She squeals when she sees the blue one. We borrowed these from my sister 🙂 We also borrowed an earlier version of Sassy’s Wooden Trio. The textures and shapes are great fun for Gwen to explore.

One of Gwen favourite thngs to play with on the change table (I reserve it for there!) is Manhattan Toy’s Snuggle Pods Peanut. It’s soft and squishy and she always grins whenever she sees it and grabs it from me!

The toy we have for fun in the bathroom (keeps her busy while we shower!) is Ikea’s Leka playbook. It’s got tonnes of fun textures, a mirror, toys that pop out, and squeaky stuff. Does it get any better than that? We also have an Ikea Barnslig – a soft elephant with teething ears.

Those are the toys Gwen plays with the most for the time being. And most of them are 6 months and up, so she’ll continue to explore them at a different level as she gets a bit older! We have a serious lack of cloth and board books, though!! It’s getting hard to read her regular books as she’s grabbing the pages and wanting to eat them …

We’re trying to be intentional about buying cloth and wooden toys. Crystle and Dave (community members) brought Gwen a cloth animal playset (complete with watering hole and tree!) back from their trip to Africa. I can’t wait for Gwen to play with it and get some pictures!



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4 responses to “Toys

  1. brandy

    Love it!!!

    I’m looking locally for a texture/sensory book for miss to learn things from now.

    I almost grabbed the Winkel at the Right Start store but I got this instead..

    She loves it. gagged at first but now loves to chew
    on it or have you rub her gums/tongue with it.

    You just helped me round out her Christmas list for family!

  2. brandy

    Also meant to add, we have certain toys in certain areas and there they “live”.

    She knows which toys live where and gets excited when we go to the bathroom, bedroom or car. It cracks us up.

    Jeremy does get tired of the same CD over and over in the car though.. But it keeps her calm and quiet and happy.

  3. kimschell

    Glad I could help! I just realized I forgot Sophie, but you’ve already got her, so it doesn’t really matter!

    We have certain toys that live places too. It helps to keep her engaged in them!

  4. brandy

    We got the Winkel today as well as the Skwish!!

    She LOVES the Skwish. I love Manhatten Toy.

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