Celebrate Babywearing!

Wow! I keep forgetting that it’s International Babywearing Week! I keep reading Steph’s posts at Adventures in Babywearing and forgetting to create my own post with some pics so I can enter the contest for some great slings at Nonny & Boo!

I’ve been wearing Gwen since she was barely a week old, and have been loving it ever since! In fact, we’ve yet to actually use our stroller … we tried it once and Gwen screamed the whole time she was in it! I don’t really mind though, because I loooooove wearing her – and I love not having to carry our stroller up/down our front steps every time I want to go somewhere! Continue reading



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I finally uploaded the video of Gwen in the Jolly Jumper. I have two new videos to upload, too, but they take a long time!! Continue reading


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5 Months Old!!?!


I’ve been trying to find a decent list of developmental skills online. I think, by their definitions, Gwen is beginning her sixth month, and has therefore reached the end of her fifth month of life (how confusing is that?). Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

On this day, I’ve been thinking about the incredible monuments I saw on my trip to Europe in 2000. The most impressive, by far, was the Vimy Ridge Memorial:


(picture from here)

It was surrounded by grass with sheep grazing behind fences. The reason? There was a possibility that live shells were still buried in the ground, so people weren’t allowed to walk freely.

We walked up and down the craters in the earth created by bombs, we traversed the trenches, we looked out across the (shockingly long and tall) ridge to the fields below, and we stood reverently by the stately rows of cross-marked graves, sprinkled with poppies. It was amazing, and someday I hope we can take Gwen and share its solemn grandeur with her.

Thank you, Veterans, for your incredible sacrifice. My prayer is “Never again, Lord.”

Lest we forget.

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And she doesn’t sleep.

I realize the last time I talked about Gwen sleeping was after two nights of 8 hours straight.


She’s been up sometimes every 1.5 – 2 hours since then. Some nights are 3-4 hour stretches between feeds. She’s also been waking up crying, but we can’t tell if it’s teeth or gas. I just keep telling myself that this won’t last forever! Continue reading


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Hallowe’en … a week late!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a week, but everytime I had a minute to it, Gwen was sleeping on me and the cord I need for the camera was upstairs!

So, after much praying/researching/discussing, Brad and I decided that we won’t be Hallowe’en haters =) I have been feeling a bit confused by Hallowe’en’s pagan underpinnings and relationship and whether or not we should join in the festivities. We decided that we won’t carve pumpkins or dress/decorate scary, but dressing up and candy? We’re down with that! (If anyone wants to know more about our decision-making process, leave a comment and I’ll write up another post about it!) Continue reading

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Fantastic Post

I knew I couldn’t be the only Christian supporting Obama (said semi-tongue-in-cheek). Check out this post from one of my favourite blogs: The story of a Baptist pastor’s wife who voted for Obama.


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