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What a whirlwind.

The past week has been a bit crazy. First, we had Brad’s brother and his girlfriend visiting.

Then, on Friday, I woke up with mastitis. I tried to brush it off. I tried to talk myself out of it. I tried to talk other people out of it! But, I had it, and there was no denying it after I took my temperature (again) and had a fever. It was a HORRIBLE day (ie. I cried for like, 5 hours straight). And to top it all off, we were supposed to drive to Ottawa that night for my nephew’s first birthday party on Saturday. Continue reading



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Mmmmm … chocolate milk …

Well. After a short break for formatting the blog, eating two cookies and drinking a tall glass of super-chocolately chocolate milk, I’m back to write my first *official* blog entry (I don’t count that introducing stuff as a real one!).

So, I’ll start with work. I work as a technician at a hospital in my city, and in this particular hospital we have need to use specific chemical disinfection procedures. So, when I first started (in 2005), I noticed that when I used a lot of this chemical (4 – 12 shifts … at the end of the night, we disinfect all the machines we use which is about 20 machines all at once) I would get a sore throat and it would be a touch difficult to breathe. I mentioned it to a couple of people who said that it was normal and not to worry. So I didn’t. A couple of months ago, I started feeling like I was coming down with something because every time I went in to work, I would get a KILLER sore throat! And now, most recently, I have been having some shortness of breath and “bronchial tightness” (read: feels like throat is closing in). I didn’t want to start a big hoopla in my department (a lady died there several years ago from exposure to this chemical, so people are a little touchy about it) so I thought I’d just go to occupational health and tell them and see if I could get an allergy test done and in the meantime just avoid the chemical. So I went. Today. At 9:45. And was there until 11:00. ARG! The nurse there grilled me about everything and we had to fill out incident forms, and they need to be faxed the manager, and I need work accomodation, etc. etc. So now I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday to see if I need to go for this crazy allergy test. What a nightmare! I discussed it with my hubby, and he said that I did what was right and not to worry, but my department is crazy bad for talking about people behind their backs – I’m just waiting now for the talking to start. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to keep yourself safe! I just don’t want people saying that I’m trying to get out of working by doing this. *sigh*

Then, to make things better, hubby needed a gift for his work’s secret santa (he’s in a co-op position with one of the national banks in TO right now), so I had to go across the city to get some chocolates. So, a guy from work (one of the nice ones) lent me his car – which I drove there and back (10 mins one way) with the PARKING BRAKE ON!!!!! Needless to say, I feel like a bit of an ass. I explained to him that my parents NEVER use their parking brakes, and he laughed and said he does it all the time with his van and not to worry. I feel a bit better now =)

As for the knitting, I took a pic of project numero uno with my ghetto digital camera, but I can’t find the USB adaptor to put it on my laptop. So I will tell you that I’m knitting a scarf, of course!! I’ll upload pics later.

My break from school is going wonderfully – although it’s not much of a break because I’m working so much =( I don’t go back until January 3 and I only have one exam – December 18 and it’s my LAST EXAM FOR MY UNDERGRAD!!!! WUHOO!!!! I’ll still have to write my RNs at the end, but at least there are no more course exams. I also got back a 40% paper for one of my courses today: A+! *pats self on back* Apparently it wasn’t too bad!

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