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I stole this post …

… from my sister Jenny’s blog. Wuhoo for stolen blog fodder!

I can’t get to sleep without:
Brushing my teeth!! But seriously, at this stage in my life (with a 3-month-old and all), I can fall asleep every night just fine, thank you!

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:
Gwen, ring sling (or babywearing accessory of some sort), laptop

I have an irrational fear of:
Being attacked by a man while I’m walking somewhere (maybe that’s not irrational?)

At my grandparents house I usually eat:
Ummm … I remember once eating really nasty soup, does that count?

When I was born I weighed:
7 lbs something (Jenny, you were in the 7’s, too!)

I am most opposed to:
Commercialism, war, abortion, the “cry-it-out” method

On myspace I like to stalk:
Me no have no myspace. On Facebook, I often stalk my sisters =)

I am too old to be:
In grade school – or even high school, for that matter!

I find the thought of childbirth:
Exciting and empowering!

Next door to my house is:
Railroad tracks. Like RIGHT next door.

My feet are:
Flat. I need orthopedic shoes =(

My preferred style of jeans are:
Blue ones that have a bit of flare

I know how to cook:
Quite a bit of stuff!! That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing it lately, though …

I am annoyed at:
The fact that I can’t get anything done during the day anymore. I’ve realized I’m a ‘doing’ person and that not be able to ‘do’ drives me bonkers! I’m also annoyed that our house isn’t completely unpacked/set-up, even after being here for months and months …

Men should always:
Hold the door for women =)

Women should never:
Talk about others behind their backs (please remind me of this)

The scariest sea creature is:

The world is over populated with:
Cell phones

I recently broke:
Hmm … I can’t remember!

I last cried because:
A girl I love very much is in a very difficult situation

My favorite shoes are:
My birkenstocks (that’s right. I wear birkenstocks)

As a parent my greatest fear is:
Being too selfish and my kids knowing it

When I think of Full House:
I think of the time I tried to start a club like the one in the book Phone Call from a Flamingo – did you even know there was a Full House Stephanie book series??



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So in my new Bible reading plan (which I’m going to post about every so often, helps keep me accountable!!), I just finished Jeremiah. It’s a book that’s made me go “Hmmm …”. Continue reading

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New resolve.

I’ve been really bad lately at reading my Bible. At talking to God.

Really bad.

I can’t seem to remember to do it, although when I do I feel ten times better and have a hundred times more patience for everything in my life.

So I have resolved to keep up with this reading schedule. I don’t even have to remember where I am or remember to go sit down with my Bible. I just have to click on the link, change the translation to NIV, and read. Because right now, I just need to read and not feel guilty about forgetting.


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Dear Kim.

You are the most inconsistent blogger in the whole wide world (although I’m sure this can’t be completely true!). Please learn to post at least three times a week – an amount that will likely hold people’s attention, unlike 1 – 2 times per week. This is a completely unacceptable amount (**please note, this statement is not true for everyone, I really just wanted to post more than that**).


In response to this letter, I have crafted the following blog entry.

Hello world!

So it seems that I’m not posting very regularly. Funny how that works, eh? In school, I’m so busy I don’t have time to think, and once I’m done for the summer, it seems that I have so little to do, that my brain actually shuts down and I spend an inordinate amount of time staring off into space. Or over-analyzing my cycle. Or reading my Crosswalk.com forums. Or, or, or. And lots of reading! I was going to post this on Tuesday, but I was too lazy. Tuesday was again for going to the market where I purchased the following spoils:

That’s right: romaine lettuce, a carrot, green beans, broccoli, two potatoes, a green pepper, a red pepper, bread, eggs, and a block of cheese. I still had apples left over from last week, so I didn’t need to buy those, so I only spent $16! Not too shabby! Then, when I got back from the market I did dishes (wuhoo!) and laundry (wuhoo!). And then I demolished the rest of Pay it Forward, which is an INCREDIBLE novel! For those of you who have seen the movie – THE BOOK WAS SO MUCH BETTER! It’s by Catherine Ryan Hyde, for inquiring minds.

Wednesday I worked from 6:30 – 9:30 and then 11:00 – 7:00, but I signed out at 6:30. I was set to demolish the rest of the Irresistable Revolution, but my friends needed it back as they are leading a talk on Sunday about it at our group, CommonGround.

Today, I miraculously slept until 11:30 (yes, it was fantastic!) and then got up, made lunch for Brad and myself and went to meet him at a park across from his office to have lunch together. I then cleaned like a banshee! The bathroom, the kitchen, the microwave, and vacuumed. (Does anybody else hate spelling vacuum? It’s the only work I consistently spell wrong.) Then I caught up on my Bible reading and spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the web. But here I am and it’s now time to make dinner, so off I go! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, people! I know I will. I even have tomorrow off (wuhoo!!) so I’m getting my hair trimmed, borrowing some more books from the library, and visiting with a friend for tea =)

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I’ve been gone … oh so long …

But I’m BACK!!!! (I know, I know, you’re really excited)

My apologies for the prolonged absence. Here’s a list to make it up to you.

1. We bought our camera!!! We got the Casio Exilim on the recommendation of two of my work colleagues. It’s beautiful. If you click on the link, and hover over the colours, we got the red one =) It has some really great features, such as ‘Best Shot’ which allows you to select a pre-set setting to take the best pics (ie. night, portrait, running water, pets, food, etc.)

Check it out. Pets.


Oooooh. Aaaaah.

2. Brad and I have been decluttering, rearranging, and cleaning the apartment. The was pretty much why I didn’t blog at all last week. I really don’t have an excuse for this week though =) Here’s a before shot of the office. Eeee. I hope to have the afters soon.

3. I went to a documentary film festival in Toronto on Sunday with my good friend, Mel.

Mel was smart to bring a snack. There was no canteen.

We went to see The Suicide Tourist at The Isabel Bader Theatre at the University of Toronto.

Although quite sad, it was truly a fantastic film. I would recommend it to anyone looking for some information or some perspective on assisted suicide.It was very well made and gave me some new appreciation for life!

4. I finished reading Our Media, Not Theirs quite a while ago, read and finished Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (click here for this amazing midwife’s website), and am currently reading The Doula Book. Phew! I’m trying to get through some childbirth books so that I can confidently recommend them to my sister having read them.

5. Ummm…what else? Brad LOVES his new co-op position, and is excited to be wearing jeans. To work that is.

6. Me. Ummm … I’m working? And reading a lot? Really though, there’s nothing too much new with me. Well, I did get my hair cut. And a nose piercing. So there’s a bit. I’ll get Brad to take a pic of me sometime so I can show you all my spunky new self. Yep, spunky! A patient on my unit described my hair in the following manner: “Your hair says, ‘I’m having more fun than you!'” LOL – I love it!

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What Have You Read?

So I guess the idea is to bold the ones you’ve read. Here goes:

1. The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown)
2. Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austin)
3. To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

4. Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell)
5. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Tolkien)
6. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
7. The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (Tolkien)
8. Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery)

9. Outlander (Diana Gabaldon)
10. A Fine Balance (Rohinton Mistry)
11. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Rowling)

12. Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)
13. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Rowling)
14. A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving)
15. Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden)
16. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Rowling)

17. Fall on Your Knees(Ann-Marie MacDonald)
18. The Stand (Stephen King) I haven’t read this, but I’ve seen the movie
19. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling)
20. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)
21. The Hobbit (Tolkien) The Silmarillion

22. The Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)
23. Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)
24. The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold)
25. Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
26. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
The Restaurant at the End of The Universe
27. Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte)
28. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis)

29. East of Eden (John Steinbeck)
30. Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)
31. Dune (Frank Herbert) I don’t know *why* I haven’t read this, my dad has them all!
32. The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks) again, seen the movie
33. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
34. 1984 (Orwell)
35. The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
36. The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett)
37. The Power of One (Bryce Courtenay)
38. I Know This Much is True (Wally Lamb)
39. The Red Tent (Anita Diamant)
40. The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
41. The Clan of the Cave Bear (Jean M. Auel)
42. The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) this one sounds really familiar, Mel, did you suggest this one to me?
43. Confessions of a Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella)
44. The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Mitch Albom)
45. Bible (although not quite the whole thing)
46. Anna Karenina (Tolstoy)
47. The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas)
48. Angela’s Ashes (Frank McCourt)

49. The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)
50. She’s Come Undone (Wally Lamb)
51. The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver)
52. A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)
53. Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)
54. Great Expectations (Dickens)
55. The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald)
56. The Stone Angel (Margaret Laurence)
57. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Rowling)

58. The Thorn Birds (Colleen McCullough)
59. The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
60. The Time Traveller’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)
61. Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) 1/2
62. The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)
63. War and Peace (Tolstoy)
64. Interview With The Vampire (Anne Rice) again, seen the movie
65. Fifth Business (Robertson Davis)
66. One Hundred Years Of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
67. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (Ann Brashares)
68. Catch-22 (Joseph Heller)
69. Les Miserables (Hugo)
70. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
71. Bridget Jones’ Diary (Fielding)

72. Love in the Time of Cholera (Marquez)
73. Shogun (James Clavell)
74. The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje) I’m a bad Canadian =(
75. The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett)
76. The Summer Tree (Guy Gavriel Kay)
77. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Betty Smith)
78. The World According To Garp (John Irving)
79. The Diviners (Margaret Laurence)
80. Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White)
81. Not Wanted On The Voyage (Timothy Findley)
82. Of Mice And Men (Steinbeck)
83. Rebecca (Daphne DuMaurier)
84. Wizard’s First Rule (Terry Goodkind)
85. Emma (Jane Austen)
86. Watership Down (Richard Adams)
87. Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)
88. The Stone Diaries (Carol Shields)

89. Blindness (Jose Saramago)
90. Kane and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)
91. In The Skin Of A Lion (Ondaatje)
92. Lord of the Flies (Golding)
93. The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck)

94. The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd)
95. The Bourne Identity (Robert Ludlum)
96. The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton)Rumble Fish
97. White Oleander (Janet Fitch)
98. A Woman of Substance (Barbara Taylor Bradford)
99. The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield)
100. Ulysses (James Joyce)

Hmmm … it seems my reading goal with now be to bold all the books on this list =) (Except the Dan Brown books. I don’t care to read those.) Hat tip to all those who lent me books and suggested others to me to read – you helped me cross most of these off!! I’m surprised Wuthering Heights, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Scarlet Letter weren’t on here – oh! and Heart of Darkness! I should add those!

Sorry for no pictures lately, our camera SUCKS!!! The batteries were dead, so I charged some more and put them in … and it said the batteries were dead again. Thinking that the batteries must be no good anymore (rechargeables only last so long), I bought more. Which the camera didn’t like either. So. No more pictures! We’re going to buy a new digital camera this summer though, so if you see any sales going on, let me know!!


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On Lazarus …

Today I’m catching up on some Bible reading – I try to read at least one chapter a day from the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) but I slacked BIG TIME over the last semester, and have also been slacking at keeping up this month. So. Today, during my catch-up, I read John 11: The death of Lazarus.

Now. Lazarus is the brother of the Mary that poured perfume/oil over Jesus’ feet and lived in Bethany (two miles from Jerusalem). The sisters (Mary and Martha) contacted Jesus to tell him that their brother was quite ill, but Jesus didn’t go to them for several days. By the time he got there, Lazarus had already died, and the sisters were quite upset that Jesus hadn’t come to make him better. Jesus, however, had his own plan. He asked them to open the grave (despite some groanings about how bad the smell would be) and they opened it. Jesus thanked God for hearing him, and called to Lazarus: and out he walked! This is truly a beautiful story and an amazing miracle.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it: some of the witnesses went to the Pharisees (a group of Jews who were very pompous, proud, and ‘by the books’) to tell them about the miracle, and after hearing these people, they held a meeting of all the highest leaders in Israel: The Sanhedrin. Below is John 11: 47 – 53.

“What are we accomplishing?” they asked. “Here is this man performing many miraculous signs. If we let him go on like this, everyone will believe in him, and then the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.”
Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.”
He did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation, and not only for that nation but also for the scatted children of God, to bring them together and make them one. So from that day on they plotted to take his life.

After this, Jesus didn’t go about publicly anymore, as he knew of their plots to kill him and his work was not yet done. The thing that most strikes me about this passage is the fact that the leaders don’t even attempt to say that he isn’t performing miracles or that he’s not performing miracles by God’s bidding: they are upset because his miracles are taking away from their leadership and they are afraid for their political future. Isn’t that sad? Here is the Son of God performing miracles in their midst, and even the high priest realizes that this man has come to unite the children of God, and yet they are content to plot for his death. Timing note: This occured MAYBE a week or two before Jesus’ crucifixion – Chapter 12 depicts his riding into Jerusalem for the Passover, Chapters 13 – 17 are his final teachings to his disciples, and Chapter 18 is his arrest.

Tell me: what do you think about this? Is it believable to you that Jesus was the Son of God? That he could raise people from the dead?

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