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I stole this post …

… from my sister Jenny’s blog. Wuhoo for stolen blog fodder!

I can’t get to sleep without:
Brushing my teeth!! But seriously, at this stage in my life (with a 3-month-old and all), I can fall asleep every night just fine, thank you!

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:
Gwen, ring sling (or babywearing accessory of some sort), laptop

I have an irrational fear of:
Being attacked by a man while I’m walking somewhere (maybe that’s not irrational?)

At my grandparents house I usually eat:
Ummm … I remember once eating really nasty soup, does that count?

When I was born I weighed:
7 lbs something (Jenny, you were in the 7’s, too!)

I am most opposed to:
Commercialism, war, abortion, the “cry-it-out” method

On myspace I like to stalk:
Me no have no myspace. On Facebook, I often stalk my sisters =)

I am too old to be:
In grade school – or even high school, for that matter!

I find the thought of childbirth:
Exciting and empowering!

Next door to my house is:
Railroad tracks. Like RIGHT next door.

My feet are:
Flat. I need orthopedic shoes =(

My preferred style of jeans are:
Blue ones that have a bit of flare

I know how to cook:
Quite a bit of stuff!! That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing it lately, though …

I am annoyed at:
The fact that I can’t get anything done during the day anymore. I’ve realized I’m a ‘doing’ person and that not be able to ‘do’ drives me bonkers! I’m also annoyed that our house isn’t completely unpacked/set-up, even after being here for months and months …

Men should always:
Hold the door for women =)

Women should never:
Talk about others behind their backs (please remind me of this)

The scariest sea creature is:

The world is over populated with:
Cell phones

I recently broke:
Hmm … I can’t remember!

I last cried because:
A girl I love very much is in a very difficult situation

My favorite shoes are:
My birkenstocks (that’s right. I wear birkenstocks)

As a parent my greatest fear is:
Being too selfish and my kids knowing it

When I think of Full House:
I think of the time I tried to start a club like the one in the book Phone Call from a Flamingo – did you even know there was a Full House Stephanie book series??


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31 Week Update

31 weeks + 3 days already. It’s flying by, people!! Things here are very good – I’m settling into my new routine of not having to go to school and have clinical for 24+ hours a week, and am enjoying the ability to sit down and rest. Continue reading


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So, I finished my last day of clinical today.

Which means I’m officially done my University Degree.

My wonderful preceptor (Hi Heather!) gave me a classical music CD to play for June Bug, a hippie (lol – it’s so me) bracelet that she made (she makes micro-macramé jewelery – it’s really pretty!!), and a book I’ve been wanting forever (how’d she know??) – The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I can’t wait to relax and read it!

The end to my University career feels so anti-climactic. Maybe it’s because I have to go to bed early so I can get up at 5:30 so I can walk to work for a 6:30 – 14:30 shift … maybe it’s because it doesn’t quite feel real yet. Either way, it’s done, and that’s that!


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Work Update

Well, I made an appointment to see my midwife this morning to discuss work accommodation and what she thinks I should/should not be doing.

She has written me a note that I am to go on ‘light duties’ (meaning no lifting over 10 lbs) as of April 15 – I’ll be 30 weeks along. That means that if my employer is not able to give me ‘light duties’ accommodation, April 15 will be my last day of work, and if they are able to accommodate me (my manager said yesterday that they *should* have two weeks of 22.5 hours of paperwork), I will be going off at the end of April. It’s earlier than planned, but really, with my manual labour job, it would be difficult for me to work until we had planned. The plan (to do data entry for April and May) was lovely, but this one will work too. And this way I get to focus on studying for my RNs, exercising, and getting ready for June Bug’s arrival!

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25 Weeks + Birthday!

Well, I haven’t updated in a long, long time because I have been super busy. This past week looked like this for me:

  • Monday – 12 hour clinical
  • Tuesday – school in afternoon, homework at night
  • Wednesday – 8 hour day at work
  • Thursday – 12 hour clinical
  • Friday -12 hour clinical
  • Saturday – 12 hour clinical

Yeah. That’s how fun it was. This week I have three 12 hour clinical shifts,  the next week I have NONE, the week after I have one and the week of April 1 I have two. And then I’m FINISHED! Continue reading


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Another year over …

And I’m thiiiiis close to being four months pregnant! What a wonderful end to a whirlwind of a year!

Things started off with a trip to Mexico for my big sister Jenn’s wedding in February, our week-long New York trip, her baby born in August, finding out about our OWN baby in October (!!), celebrating our first anniversary, buying a house later that month, my grandma breaking her hip, my aunt being diagnosed with breast cancer (please continue to pray … her chemo regimen is beginning soon …), Brad finishing school for good, my big sister Becky getting a great new job, and yeah.

So I was 15 weeks on Friday – our baby now has developed taste-buds and my amniotic fluid tastes like whatever I’ve eaten =) The baby can also sense light and (since next week he/she can hear things on the outside of my body) hear what’s going on inside my body. I’ve had a couple moments in the last couple days of “was that the baby moving?” But I’m not 100% sure yet.

Here’s my belly now =) It’s definitely growing!

15 Weeks 1

15 Weeks 2

It’s pooching out now even when I lay down! (it would disappear when I laid down before) And my belly button is rapidly becoming more shallow! The uterus hits the belly button at about 20 weeks, and I’m almost 16, so it’s got 4 cm to go before overtaking my former umbilical cord attachment site – which, by the way, isn’t centered.

I think I’ve gained about 10 lbs now, which all the books say is a normal gain for this stage. I’m hoping to start back on my healthy eating bandwagon in the New Year now that my food aversions are mostly gone … although I still can’t even think about chicken breast!

I’ll update with Christmas pics tomorrow =)


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Collosal Tiredness

Wow. I never truly understood what people meant when they said they’re super tired during the first trimester. I get it now! At 7:00 pm tonight, I was dreaming about curling up in bed – it’s 8:45 pm now and I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ve never been one to be tired, but I definitely am now!! And I’ve discovered that my nausea is definitely sleep-related. When I can get lots of sleep (preferably by sleeping until later than 5:20 am) I feel pretty well great all day! When I don’t get sleep? Nausea all day. It’s hard to get 8 or 9 hours the days I work though, since that would put me to bed at … 8:30 – 9:30 pm, which is generally not do-able with homework. Only a few more weeks in this trimester, though. And really? I have it good.

I’m currently in my ninth week. Our baby has fingers and toes, his/her tail is almost gone (wuhoo!) and on Saturday (the beginning of my 10th week), he/she will be the size of a plum. Apparently little limbs are flailing around in my womb although I obviously can’t feel it!

I’ve got my first midwife appointment this coming Tuesday and I’m really excited for it – hoping to get another ultrasound to confirm that everything’s going well, although my nausea, hiccuping, still-elevated temperature, and night-peeing should be enough to tell me that all is well! I’m hoping to get my doctor-ordered blood work drawn tomorrow before clinical so that the midwives will have the results when I go on Tuesday.

The first few weeks went soooo slow. Now that I’m coming up on 9 weeks, everything seems much more real, especially with the looming midwife appointment. I can’t wait to meet my midwife, Anne! She came highly recommended to me from a friend who had a homebirth with her second baby in July this year.

I broke down and bought a Tummy Sleeve at Motherhood Maternity on Monday night and joyously wore jeans on Tuesday for the first time in two weeks or so. I’d been wearing the same brown cords out of the house since I stopped being able to sit in buttoned jeans. The tummy sleeve is Motherhood’s cheaper knock-off of the Bella Band [that link there shows how it can be worn]. I love that thing. It’s my new best friend, especially because I’m only 8.5 weeks, so it’s a bit early for maternity clothes (all my tops still fit!) and I don’t have money for them just yet. This way, I’ll get as much use out of my regular clothes as I can. It was sooooo nice to sit down and be comfortable in real clothes for the first time in a while!

School’s going well, although Brad and I are both pretty busy. Brad is significantly busier than I – poor thing, dealing with school and a complainy tired wife. It makes things a little difficult. Where I would normally pick up the apartment-slack, I’ve been slacking because of fatigue and nausea … our apartment looks awful, there’s a pile of clothes to be washed the size of Texas and our bedsheets haven’t been changed in … longer than you’d like to know.

I am taking weekly pictures of my belly, and I’ll start posting them once Brad and I get our butts to Canada Computers for a picture transfer thinger. I’ll post one-a-month ones until things start happening, and then I’ll probably post one-a-week with my development updates. I’m so excited to have a belly!

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s bedtime now. Goodnight all!


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