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33 Weeks!

Yep – 33 weeks. That means one month until I’m considered full term, and only 7 weeks until June Bug’s due date. By this week, June Bug weighs around 4.5 lbs (2 kg) and is around 19 inches long. His/her main job is to put on fat and mature those lungs! Continue reading



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As of now …

I’m officially a stay-at-home mom. Wow.


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A post about something other than June Bug! I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible!!

However, my bloggy friends, I’m actually going to write about knitting. I have missed it. I haven’t picked up yarn and needles since Christmas when my sister got me my fabulous metal sock needles and I COMPLETELY lost any amount of time to seriously devote to the craft that I love. However, after receiving a certain email (I won’t talk about it now because it’ll give away my project!!), I was spurred into action. I needed to knit something, and I needed to start knitting it now and finish the object ASAP.

So, I took my butt down to Yarnopolis (aka Ashley Yarns) and there I met a very lovely knitter and yarn store manager, Steph! She helped me pick out my yarn and we had a lovely chat about various women’s studies issues. I loved the store, and I’m very glad I made the venture!! It’s not the most convenient of yarn store locations (try a mighty long 30 min bus ride!), but it’s the closest yarn store to me, which I suppose makes it my LYS (aka Local Yarn Store). They even carry a selection of fair trade yarns!!!

Anyways, we picked out two yarns – a cotton weight and a novelty yarn … I’m knitting double stranded, yo! (No …. not yarn over … I actually meant ‘yo’.)

Can I say how it never ceases to amaze me that you can start with yarn and needles and end with fabric? It’s incredible that I can make something by pulling loops of yarn through other yarn. I’m hoping to finish this object this weekend, if I can, so you won’t have to wait too long in utter suspense of what it is =) The picture doesn’t quite do the hues of purple justice, but it’s all I had to work with … the other pics were either too fuzzy or too blue.

p.s. I finished The Friday Night Knitting Club. It was phenomenal. That may or may not have something to do with the why I was so excited to pick up my knitting again. May or may not.


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32 Weeks!

And it gets closer and closer!

June Bug weighs around 4 lbs and is about 19 inches long from head to toe. Apparently, he/she may already have a full head of hair – although with genes from Brad and I to deal with, the likelihood is that the poor thing will never have hair! I’m pretty sure that June Bug’s head down now (from the location of the hiccups I’m feeling now!!) and I’m loving feeling little body parts poking out at me! Continue reading


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31 Week Update

31 weeks + 3 days already. It’s flying by, people!! Things here are very good – I’m settling into my new routine of not having to go to school and have clinical for 24+ hours a week, and am enjoying the ability to sit down and rest. Continue reading


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Lookee! A fun giveaway!

Our Blessed Arrows is having a doormat giveaway – they’re TOO witty!! Head on over to the blog to check it out. I really want the “Please stay on the mat …” one!

Oh – and tomorrow’s my last day of real work … after that I’ve got six 8 hour data entry shifts. I can’t believe how close I am to being done!!

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30 Weeks!!! 10 Weeks Until Due Date!!

Although it could really be anywhere from 8 weeks from now until 12 weeks from now.

June Bug currently weighs 3 lbs (like a cantaloupe!) and is about 17 inches from head to toe. He/she is getting very squished! June Bug is practicing breathing by breathing amniotic fluid in and out. Little toe nails are growing on some very tiny and very cute toes, and the bone marrow has taken over red blood cell production from the liver. I can’t believe how complex our baby is – God truly is amazing to have created the little one growing in my womb. We’re so blessed! Continue reading


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